Original Boerewors

£6.99 per KG


Original Boerewors

£6.99 per Pack. 1 Pack = 1KG.

Boerewors means “Farmers Sausage” (English pronunciation “boo-ra-vors”).

Boerewors is made from coarsely minced beef (sometimes combined with minced pork, lamb, or both) and spices (usually toasted coriander seed, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves and allspice). Like many other forms of sausage, boerewors contains a high proportion of fat, and is preserved with salt and vinegar, and packed in sausage casings.

Traditional boerewors is usually formed into a continuous spiral and we sell it in that form (as illustrated).

Boerewors will be sent out partially frozen and may be defrosted by the time it gets to you.

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